Aaron's Story
There is a brass lizard paperweight on my grandpa's desk. I remember playing with that thing every time I was at his house when I was a child, but I didn't know where it came from. Imagine my surprise when I went to the John Ball Zoo recently with my children and was handed a lizard scavenger hunt card with a picture of that exact same metal lizard on the back. I mentioned it to my daughter who now likes to play with the lizard when she goes to great-grandpa's house. The people running the booth overheard me and they explained that the lizard was from Keeler and it was a rather rare item. My Grandfather passed away, but when I asked my grandma about it she told me that the lizard actually came from my GREAT grandfather who worked at Keeler Brass.

My grandfather worked there a little in High School, but then got a job with GM. She also pulled out some other items from Keeler that my great-grandfather gave to my grandfather. Thank you so much for the lizard! It has become a toy that two generations have enjoyed and it is probably the only toy my daughter can't break.

Shelly's Story
Keeler Brass is a big part of our family history. Both of my grandfathers retired from Keeler, my aunt and uncle worked there, and my dad worked his entire career there. My mom and dad met at Keeler,

when my dad was in the personnel office and my mom worked in the factory. The family story is that my mom called in sick to work one day. My dad had wanted to ask her out, and saw an opportunity. He called her at home to "check" on her, and asked her out on a date. I believe that I have seen one of those lizards around our house at some point, but I don't know where it ended up. It would be fun to have it on the mantle in our new family room.

Cheryl's Story
I live not too far from the former Keeler Brass factory location. My husband was given one of the brass lizards by his folks back in the 80's. Didn't really know the history of it, rather than it was from Keeler Brass. Our daughter enjoyed playing with it and then one day it came up missing... my husband was very upset because he knew his folks had had it for quite some time and he felt fortunate that they had given it to him. However, I got lucky! I found another one at a flea market and bought it for him. Low and behold, the other one we had lost, we found again! Now we have two. I've always heard good things about Keeler Brass and how it was a great place to work 'in the day.' Would love to have a threesome of lizards!

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